Obama’s DHS Grants Asylum to 9 Mexican Illegal Immigrant Protesters (Video)

Obama’s Department of Homeland Security granted asylum to nine illegal immigrants who were protesting against US deportation policy.

Five deported DREAMers attempt to return home by presenting themselves at the Nogales Port of Entry Monday, July 22.
KVOA reported:

The DREAMers believe they should be able to go back and forth across the border as they please.


Newser reported:

The Homeland Security Department tentatively approved asylum requests for nine Mexican immigrants, including some who were living in the United States illegally but left and attempted to re-enter as part of a protest against U.S. deportation policies.

Christopher Bentley, a spokesman for U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, said DHS ruled that the immigrants have a “credible fear” of being persecuted if they are sent back to Mexico.

“The legal threshold for credible fear is broad and low, in order to ensure that individuals who may face a `significant possibility’ of persecution if removed have the opportunity to have their case heard before an immigration judge,” Bentley said.

It is rare for the U.S. government to grant asylum to Mexican citizens.

The immigrants were trying to call attention to hundreds of thousands who have been deported during President Barack Obama’s administration. They had cited a credible fear of persecution should they return to Mexico.

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