Obama and Terrorists – or is it Obama and the Sunni Muslims?

Guest post by: Joe Hoft


In an article in the Independent, Robert Fisk points out that if Obama attacks Syrian leader Assad’s army, the US and Al Qaeda would be on the same side.  However, Fisk incorrectly states that this would be the first time.  Not so.  As Gateway Pundit pointed out in prior posts, Obama was on the same side as Al Qaeda in Libya when bombing Gaddafi and his forces.  Obama, also, sided with the terrorist organization, the Muslim Brotherhood, in Egypt, even providing them with $1.5 billion in aid, and then taking it away after they were overthrown.

Pundits have tried to figure out Obama’s motives.  Some say Obama is driven by anti -colonialism like his father.  Obama’s anti-colonialism makes sense, but doesn’t address all of Obama’s motives in the Middle East, or necessarily his attacks against Christians and Jews.  Others say that Obama is on the side of Islamists, which doesn’t address his siding with one Islamist group (Al Qaeda) over another Islamist group, or Islamist group wannabe like Assad.  What does make sense is Obama’s policy of always siding with the Muslim Sunni sect.

As Barry Rubin at PJ Media points out, Muslim Sunnis have been at odds with Muslim Shia’s, and vice versa, for a long time.  Shia representatives Iran and Hezbollah support Assad.  Sunni representatives, including Al Qaeda, support the Islamic rebels and the Muslim Brotherhood.  Sunnis account for about 80% of the Muslim world.   When Obama moves, he moves not with Christians, Jews or the majority of most Americans, Obama moves with the Muslim Sunni sect.  The Sunni hatred of Shia’s, Jews and Americans is what Obama’s actions fit best.  In addition, an Iranian involvement in the attack on Benghazi, is consistent with this thinking, because the Shia’s in Iran would not be happy with the US sending weapons to the Sunni rebels in Syria, who are the enemy of Assad and the Iranian Shia’s.  The Iranian Shia’s would want to stop weapons used in overthrowing Assad, while bringing to light the fact that Obama was shipping arms under the table to Syria in the first place.  Iran was hoping the poor press of the Benghazi affair would prevent Obama from being reelected.   Unfortunately for the Iranian Shia’s, the Obama loving American media did not comply.


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