Nice Work, Barack… Zimmerman Family Receives Over 400 Death Threats a Minute

george zimmerman death threat
The left is even mass producing their death threats against George Zimmerman.

Robert Zimmerman Jr. says his family receives over 400 death threats a minute since the verdict in Florida clearing his brother of murder.
This news comes after Barack Obama stuck his nose into the local murder trial in Florida.
The Daily Mail reported:

George Zimmerman’s brother today revealed their family receive as many as 400 death threats a minute on social media sites and said he almost got beaten up by two Starbucks’ employees.

Three weeks after his brother was acquitted of all charges relating to the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, Robert Zimmerman reveals for the first time the psychological impact it has had on the family – who live under constant fear and have to keep in touch 24/7.

‘No one has really asked us to get into the psychological aspect of this,’ he said. ‘You don’t know if some one stops you in public and says, “excuse me sir”, you don’t know if you dropped your wallet or if someone recognizes you and wants to kill you.

‘I think the whole ordeal has taught us to rely on one another. But it taxes everyone’s mind, knowing you have to stay in touch and in constant communication because of the threats.’
He told Breitbart about a time when his phone died as he was sleeping when the family got really worried and started looking for him.

After the verdict things got worse for them but their focus is to support each other and ‘doing everything to keep each other alive’.

The Zimmermans have to monitor social media to see if there are any rallies or protests organized to determine if it is safe for them to leave the house.

Robert tweeted this out yesterday.


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