NH Woman Told She Can No Longer Pray Outside Her Children’s School

mother pray
Lizarda Urena has prayed on the steps of Concord High School nearly everyday since February. A mom of two students at Concord High School, she arrives at the school around 7-7:15 a.m. each morning to pray for the school’s protection. (Concord Monitor)

A New Hampshire mother was told she could no longer pray outside her children’s high school.
It was offensive.

CBN.com reported:


A New Hampshire mother has been banned from praying at her kids’ high school.

Lizarda Urena has two children enrolled at Concord High School in Concord, N.H.

She started praying on school grounds in 2011 after two bullets were found in a restroom at the school. Urena said she prayed aloud as students entered the school every morning.

She was recently told by school officials that the prayers were not welcome after someone filed a complaint with the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

“They told me, no, no more,” the mother of two said, with tears in her eyes. “I stand up, lift my hands to praise the Lord with my Bible holding and sometimes kneeling.”

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