New Bill In Congress Seeks To Tax Gun Sales Extra 20% And Ammo Sales Extra 50%

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

If you want less of something—tax it. Thus a proposed tax bill on gun sales and ammo are a back door means to gun control.

GunsSaveLives reports the following:


There is a new anti-gun bill sitting on Capitol Hill, and it doesn’t deal with banning particular models of firearms or even universal background checks.

The Gun Violence Prevention and Safe Communities Act of 2013, was proposed by U.S. Reps. Danny K. Davis, D-Ill., and Bill Pascrell, D-N.J. The bill seeks to raise the tax rate on gun sales from 10% to 20%.

Perhaps even more disturbing is that the bill also seeks to raise the tax rate on ammunition purchases to 50%.

Davis released the following statement in a press release,

Gun violence is a daily reality for America and, in particular, for urban cities like Chicago. The crisis should outrage us all. This legislation is a pro-active approach to reducing gun violence by using proven preventive programs which have been starved for funds until now. As part of a comprehensive, multidimensional strategy to reduce gun violence, this legislation closes major loopholes in tax law and lays out an equitable, long term, sustainable strategy to provide the requisite resources.

Note how Davis fails to correlate the high crime in Chicago with the extreme gun-control laws that prevent law-abiding citizens from protecting their own life and property.

GunsSaveLives also recently reported on a Havard Study documenting its findings that gun control does not reduce the murder rates. According to the 2007 study in the Harvard Journal of Law:

[…] “where firearms are most dense violent crime rates are lowest, and where guns are least dense violent crime rates are highest.”


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