MISSOURI MIRACLE… ‘Angel’ Priest Prays With Accident Victim – Then Disappears After Rescue (Video)

Katie Lentz, 19, was hit by a drunk driver and was pinned between the steering wheel and the seat of her Mercedes on Sunday morning.
lentz car

That’s when a priest appeared and prayed with her. She was freed minutes later from the wreck but when the crews turned to thank the priest – he was gone.
KDVR reported:

The highway had been blocked for a quarter mile from both directions during the rescue.
No cars were allowed in or out.


FOX 2 Now reported:

Rescue workers in Missouri say a higher power came to their aid at an accident scene on Sunday. They pulled a girl to safety thanks to the power of prayer and a mysterious man.

New London Fire Chief Raymond Reed said rescue crews spent the first 45 minutes after the accident trying to get Katie Lentz out of a car to no avail Sunday morning shortly after 9am the metal on this older model Mercedes dulled the department’s equipment.

About an hour into the rescue, Katie told rescue workers she wanted to pray out loud with them. That’s when a priest appeared out of no where.

“He came up and approached the patient, and offered a prayer. It was a Catholic priest who had anointing oil with him. A sense of calmness came over her, and it did us as well. I can’t be for certain how it was said, but myself and another firefighter that was beside me, we very plainly heard that we should remain calm, that our tools would now work and that we would get her out of that vehicle.” said Chief Raymond Reed of the New London Volunteer Fire Dept.

The Hannibal fire department showed up right after that prayer with fresh equipment and was able to finish the extrication. After getting Katie safely into the Air Evac helicopter, at least a dozen of the rescue workers turned around to thank the priest who was no where in sight.

More… There were more than 70 pictures taken at the accident scene on not one of them showed the priest.

More… My friend Fred pointed this out to me – The priest is described as “a silver-haired priest in his 50s or 60s in black pants, black shirt and black collar with visible white insert stepped forward from nowhere.” August 4 is also the feast day of St. John Vianney a silver-haired priest who died on August 4, 1859.

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