MISSOURI MIRACLE… Artist Releases Sketch of Mystery Miracle Priest

Katie Lentz, 19, was hit by a drunk driver and was pinned between the steering wheel and the seat of her Mercedes last Sunday.
lentz car

That’s when a priest appeared and prayed with her. She was freed minutes later from the wreck but when the crews turned to thank the priest – he was gone.
KDVR reported:

The highway had been blocked for a quarter mile from both directions during the rescue.
No cars were allowed in or out.


And, a photographer took more than 70 pictures at the accident scene but not one of the photos showed the priest.

This weekend a Tuscon-based artist released a sketch in hopes of identifying the mystery priest.
priest sketch

FOX4KC reported:

Friends, family and rescuers of a 19-year-old woman are still trying to find a priest who suddenly appeared on the scene of a terrible crash on Sunday on Missouri 19 near Center, Mo. Randall Sands, a Tucson-based artist who does a variety of sketches using FACES software from IQ Biometrix, made the sketch below in hopes that people may be able to find the priest.

Sands explained in an e-mail to FOX 4 that he based the sketch on mostly on media reports. He also said he has a brother-in-law who is a priest and he just had a sense based on his experiences and the reports of what the unidentified priest may look like.

KHQA said on Thursday that a spokesman from the Catholic Diocese of Jefferson said officials are also trying to get to the bottom of the mystery.

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