Mark Levin Destroys GOP: Somebody Please Tell Me What Does Republican Party Stand For? It Stands For Mush!” (Video)

Conservative author and radio host Mark Levin blasted the GOP today on Cavuto:

“The issue is ‘are you going to have a civil war that’s going to hurt the Republican Party.’ The issue is ‘What’s right for America?’…I want a 1980 a 1984 those were the administrations I served under where I saw a conservative Republican president who knew what he was doing, who took on the establishment. And the Republican Party after he left lurched back to its neo-statist roots…. So what the hell are the Republicans going to run on? We didn’t defund Obamacare. Reelect us. We supported the Dream Act and Amnesty. Reelect us. We’re not going to stop profligate spending when it comes to the debt ceiling. Reelect us. Somebody please, somebody tell me, what does the Republican Party stand for today? And this is the problem. It stands for mush!

Via Your World:

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