Israel: Assad’s Brother’s Military Unit Fired Chemical Weapons Killing Hundreds of Syrians

By: Rachel Pulaski

(Photo from Wikipedia)
(Photo from Wikipedia)

On Wednesday, hundreds of Syrians were killed from a chemical attack in the eastern suburbs of Damascus and thousands were treated for neurotoxic symptoms.  The Iranian President Hassan Rouhani admitted chemical weapons were used.  Now Israeli TV Channel 2 news reported Assad is responsible for the chemical weapons used.  The weapons were fired by the 155th Brigade of the 4th Armored Division of the Syrian Army whose division is under the command of the president Assad’s brother, Maher Assad.

Times of Israel reported:

The chemical weapons allegedly used to kill hundreds of Syrian civilians by the regime of President Bashar Assad last Wednesday were fired by the 155th Brigade of the 4th Armored Division of the Syrian Army, an Israel TV report said. This division is under the command of the president’s brother, Maher Assad.

The nerve gas shells were fired from a military base in a mountain range to the west of Damascus, the Channel 2 news report said.

The embattled regime has concentrated its vast stocks of chemical weaponry in just two or three locations, the report said, under the control of Syrian Air Force Intelligence, itself reporting to the president.

The TV report further added that “the assessment in Israel” is that the attack was intended to serve as the possible start of a wider operation. It said Israel was increasingly concerned about the use of chemical weapons in Syria, and their possibility of these weapons falling into still more dangerous hands than those of Assad. Israel was “privately” making clear its concerns to the United States, the report said.

In his first response Thursday to the alleged attack, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned that Iran was closely watching how the world would deal with the attack.

“Syria has become Iran’s testing ground, and Iran is closely watching whether and how the world responds to the atrocities committed there by its client state Syria and its proxy Hezbollah against innocent civilians in Syria,” he said.

The Daily Caller is reporting the IDF intercepted communications of the Syrian Army.

According to FOCUS, the Israel Defense Forces Unit 8200, the IDF’s signals intelligence unit, intercepted communications of the Syrian army during the attack.  “A former Mossad officer told FOCUS the analysis has clearly shown that the bombardment with poison gas missiles was made by Syrian government forces,” reports the publication.

Meanwhile UN weapons experts have just arrived in Syria to inspect the site but they say it is too late because Assad has had 5 days to clean up the site. Despite the strong opposition by Americans, British and American military are ready to launch their first strike against Syria.


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