New Iranian President Calls For Elimination of Israel

iran quds 2
Iranian protesters carry a ‘Zion coffin’ today on Quds Day. (Fars News)

Meet the new boss… Same as the old boss…
President-elect Hasan Rouhani called for the elimination of Israel today ahead of his inauguration.
The AP reported:

Ahead of his inauguration, Iran’s new president on Friday called Israel an “old wound” that should be removed, while tens of thousands of Iranians marched in support of Muslim claims to the holy city of Jerusalem.

Hasan Rouhani’s remarks about Israel — which Iran considers to be its archenemy — echoed longstanding views of other Iranian leaders and could tarnish his image in the West as a voice of moderation in Iranian affairs.

But no Iranian leader is likely to diverge from Iran’s longstanding denunciations of Israel and the remarks are not necessary evidence that Rouhani would roll back his support for calmer relations with the West, including possible one-on-one dialogue with Washington.

“The Zionist regime has been a wound on the body of the Islamic world for years and the wound should be removed,” Rouhani was quoted as saying by the semi-official ISNA news agency.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded to the remarks:


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