Indonesian Islamists Celebrate Ramadan – Toss Petrol Bombs Inside Catholic School


Islamists tossed petrol bombs inside Assissi Catholic School in Tebet, South Jakarta this week.
Asia News reported, via Atlas:

“Mgr Ignatius Suharyo, archbishop of Jakarta, has appealed to the Catholic community in the Indonesian capital to remain ‘vigilant’ of possible attacks, but also to be ‘friendly and cooperative toward others.’

As violent acts against defenceless citizens and religious minorities continue in the world’s most populous Muslim country, alarm levels remain high following a double bombing at a Buddhist temple last Sunday.

The prelate issued his warning yesterday via the archdiocese’s mailing list, which includes Catholic priests and community leaders, after petrol bombs were thrown in the early morning inside the compound of the Assisi Catholic School in Tebet, South Jakarta.

The handmade devices thrown at the Catholic school and the two rudimentary bombs that blew up at the Vihara Buddhist temple in Kebun Jeruk, West Jakarta, are symptomatic of the high tensions that currently prevail in the country, which is increasingly threatened by Islamic extremism.

The Archbishop of Jakarta told reporters not only Christian institutions were at risk. An attack occurred at a Buddhist temple in West Jakarta on Sunday in the temple vihara Ekayana. Three people were injured.

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