Illegal Immigrants Protest at Chicago Hospital – Demand Free Organ Transplants

Illegal immigrants held a rally at Northwestern Memorial Hospital today demanding free organ transplants.
illegal organs protest
Illegals protest in Chicago for free organ transplants. (Yahoo)

ABC Local reported:

Dozens of people march to Northwestern Memorial Hospital on Sunday, claiming they refuse to add undocumented immigrants to organ transplant lists.

The group marched seven miles from Our Lady of Guadalupe Mission to Northwestern Memorial Hospital while carrying caskets representing undocumented immigrants who have died because they were denied care by hospitals.

They say they shouldn’t be denied critical health care just because they are uninsured.

“He call us and deny us, they require a social security number or insurance and that’s not fair that they put up paper over our lives,” said Blanca Gomez.

Northwestern Memorial Hospital says undocumented patients can be added to transplant lists.

illegal organs
A group of undocumented families held a hunger strike outside a Chicago hospital this week. (Photo/NBC News Chicago)


Why weren’t they arrested on the spot?

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