Horrors! Wonkette Unleashes Purple Slushie Brigade on LA’s ‘Rage Against Media’ Rally

Heavens to Murgatroyd!
The left’s leading gossip/soft porn/hate-blog just unleashed its army of male, female and tragically undecided readers to disrupt the Rage Against the Media Rally next Saturday in LA.

Be frightened – Be very afraid…
They’re on to us.
wonkette rage rally

The rally is planned for
AUGUST 17th 10AM – 1PM


Federal Building – Northwest Lawn
11000 Wilshire Blvd.
Westwood, CA

Speakers Include:
Tony Katz
Kira Davis
Dwight Schultz
Ann Marie Murrell
Mark Isler
David Spade
Gary Graham
Eric Golub
Kender MacGowan
Andrew Marcus
Evan Sayet
Jim Hoft

Wonkette has unleashed its elite Purple Slushie brigade to infiltrate and disrupt the rally.
They’re fired up and ready to go…assuming they go upstairs and get permission from their parents…And then they’re going to lunch somewhere nearby.

Poor devils, they still haven’t gotten over that $3,150 bet they lost back in May.
(Pay up, b*tches.)

So bring your cameras and wear your garlic necklaces.
It ought to be an exciting event.

More… Protest organizer Karen Siegemund weighed in on the threats.

Rage Against the Media is grateful to the far left for demonstrating how important such an organization is. We cannot understand how anyone can take issue with fighting against media corruption and dishonesty. This is a “RALLY FOR HONEST JOURNALISM” – to agitate against such a rally is to SUPPORT dishonest journalism and, frankly, that’s just weird. Or, it would be just weird if it weren’t also so dangerous.

If the far left is comfortable being lied to and played as a dupe, so be it.

This event is deliberately non-partisan – a lying media helps no one but those in power. We believe that ALL Americans are ill-served by a media that is partisan and that is dishonest in pursuit of an agenda.

It does seem odd that Wonkette’s call to arms seems motivated out of a personal vendetta. How egocentric is that? We will have hundreds of people gathered at the Federal Building (not because of the Federal Building but because we need a space as big as their lawn) to hear inspiring speakers, live music, poetry, watch awards being conferred on those journalists who have honored their profession in various ways, and to enjoy the fellowship of those who feel, as they do, that we all deserve a voice. We will have families with children. We will have the old and the young. And this is what they want to disrupt, out of personal animosity? Really? I also would point out that we have invited people from the entire political spectrum and, oddly, it is only those on the right who feel all Americans deserve honest media. The lying media has done an excellent job at polarizing us.

We welcome Wonkette readers. This will be a terrific and inspiring event, and an important one. If Wonkette is happy being lied to, so be it. We, however, believe that all Americans should be treated with honesty and integrity by our news media. The left is free to disagree. We appreciate those who voice alternate views, and only ask that we be accorded the same respect.
See you on Saturday!

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