HORROR! Woman Charged With Murder For ‘Giving Birth In Bar Bathroom, Stuffing Infant In Toilet’

Amanda Hein

A 26 year old woman in Pennsylvania, Amanda Catherine Hein, has been charged with murder for allegedly giving birth to a baby in a bathroom at a bar, killing the infant by stuffing the the boy in plastic bag and submerging him in the tank behind the toilet.

After murdering her baby, Hein went outside for a smoke, and then went back in to continue watching wrestling with her friends.

Amanda Catherine Hein, 26, was at Starters Pub near Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, watching pay-per-view wrestling with three friends August 17, when she left and went to the bathroom for about 40 minutes. She returned with blood on her clothes, but insisted she was fine.

Police say Hein went outside and smoked a cigarette, then returned to her friends and continued watching the match.

via Daily Mail

Of course, to #progressives like Obama and Kermit Goznell, this was simply a full term abortion and the woman should only be charged with improper disposal of medical waste.


Posted by Andrew Marcus, Director – Hating Breitbart

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