Heh!… MSNBC Lib Karen Finney Hangs Up On Hugh Hewitt When Asked A Simple Question: Was Alger Hiss A Communist?

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

MSNBC Lib Karen Finney attempts to make a comparison between the McCarthy era and the message promoted by Tea Party conservatives. In the context of making a McCarthy analogy, Hugh Hewitt asks if communists did in fact infiltrate the government? Karen Finney evades the question to which Hugh Hewitt responds by narrowing it down to a more specific question: Was Alger Hiss a communist spy? Those pesky facts always getting in the way of an agenda.

Liberal outrage hilarity ensues… heh!


Daily Caller reports the following:

On his Monday radio program, conservative talker Hugh Hewitt confronted MSNBC’s “Distrupt” host Karen Finney over comparing Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s mission to stop Obamacare to Wisconsin Sen. Joe McCarthy’s past mission to root out Communists in the U.S. government, repeatedly putting Finney on the defense by asking whether or not Communists had infiltrated the government, particularly accused Soviet spy Alger Hiss.

“In case you haven’t heard, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is a man on a mission,” Finney said on her Saturday program. “He wants to take away your health care, even if that means bringing down our government, or a war within the GOP. But Cruz’s rhetoric isn’t just detrimental to his party. It’s contributing to a broader environment of paranoia that could have very real consequences for our democracy. The fear-stoking is reminiscent of another senator, a man from Wisconsin on his own mission. He also wanted to take his country back. Then, it was from the Communists who had supposedly infiltrated it. His name, of course? Joe McCarthy. And while Cruz’s mission this time around might be different, the rhetoric sounds eerily the same.”

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