Harry Reid to Unions: It’s Time to Give Up “Cadillac Plans” and “Put Some Skin in the Game” (Video)

This is how Democrats say thanks–
Today Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid went on KNPR in Las Vegas to discuss current affairs.
One question he faced was about union uproar over Obamacare. Harry Reid said it’s time for them to give up their Cadillac plans and “put some skin in the game.”

“Let’s understand where we are with the unions. One of the things we’ve learned with all of the hearings we held, dozens and dozens of them, is that if you have insurance you have to be able to have some skin in the game as we say in Las Vegas. And that means you just can’t keep running to the doctor with no deductible whatsoever. These are referred to as the Cadillac plans. And the Cadillac plans weren’t fair to other people… You have to have I repeat skin in the game.”

Earlier this week Congress, the Senate and staffers were all given Obamacare exemptions.

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