GOP Rep. Aaron Schock: House Will Pass DREAM Act in Bipartisan Vote (Video)

Rep. Aaron Schock (R-IL) told constituents at a town hall meeting Monday that Congress would pass the DREAM Act.
He thinks it will likely be a bipartisan vote.

US of Arn reported:

At a town hall meeting Monday in Heyworth, Illinois Republican congressman Aaron Schock was asked some questions about immigration reform by an illegal immigrant(as identified by Diane Benjamin who recorded the meeting) and told the unidentified young woman that, “I think you’re going to get a bipartisan vote on a House version of the DREAM Act.”

The DREAM Act is the brainchild of Illinois Senator Dick Durbin and would grant amnesty to illegal immigrants that came to the US before a certain age, the DREAM Act was a part of the Senate passed Gang of 8 immigration reform bill. House majority leader Eric Cantor and others in the House are working on a so called “kids act” that would do much of what has been in Durbin’s DREAM Act.

Speaking about the Senate passed bill congressman Schock said, “The Senate made a good first attempt. I think the House of Representatives will make it better.”

In addition to the DREAM Act congressman Schock also told the audience that the House would pass in bipartisan fashion border security and changes to technology and agriculture work visas.

More… Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D) said he had 40-50 Republicans lined up to vote for amnesty.

Related… Sen. Chuck Schumer gave the green light to the House immigration plan today.

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