Frightening!… Dekalb County Police Storm Home at 1 AM – Assault Family Screaming “Say Somethin Else! I’m Gonna Tase Your A$$!” (Video)

Another Day in Barack Obama’s Police State–

Dekalb County police stormed a family’s home at 1 AM. They dragged the mother outside and arrested her. They slammed her sons on the floor and threatened to tase and cane them.
“Say somethin else! I’m gonna tase your a$$!”

“You’re a grown man so we’re going to treat you like a grown criminal.”

“I wish we could cane both y’all asses.”
Opposing Views reported:


Chilling video from a home in Dekalb County, Ga., shows local police entering a house illegally, berating the home’s residents and then tackling them to the ground.

The entire incident took place because the mother of the home, Natania Griffin, was two weeks late on paying a $1,000 fee to the county.

Griffin’s 23-year-old son, Donovan Hall, recorded the event. He was alarmed and confused when police began banging loudly on his door in the middle of the night.

“I was immediately confused as to why the police would be at my house,” Hall told the Huffington Post. “The knocks became more and more aggressive.”

On the video (see below), Hall timidly opens the door and asks the police why they are at the house. But police quickly enter the home and soon pin Donovan and his brother on the ground.

“One officer hit me in the face with his gun and I fell to the floor,” Hall said. “Another officer began kicking me and bending back my arms. They put handcuffs on me and continued to kick and punch me. At that point, an officer with his knee in my back stood up and put both feet on top of my head. He was standing on top of my head.”

The officer’s continued being violent to the boys, even putting a Taser to the head of Hall’s younger brother.

Coming soon to a community near you.

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