BUSTED: Obama Administration Blew $500 Million on Green Jobs That DO NOT EXIST (Video)

A June GAO report found that the Obama Administration blew $500 million on green jobs training for jobs that don’t exist.
Stephen Moore had this to say about the report:

“Four or five years ago everyone thought that we were going to have this huge, massive increase in solar energy and wind industry and it just hasn’t happened. In fact, the big growth in jobs, ironically enough, has not been in renewable energy it’s been in the oil and gas industry which has been the industry that has created more jobs. Guess what? Those industries got zero money in terms of job training… By the way, a lot of the money also went to left-wing groups that happened to support Barack Obama. Groups like the National Council of La Raza and other groups that put in a lot of money to get Barack Obama elected in the first place.”

According to a June report much of the training dollars went to far left groups that supported the president.
Via America’s Newsroom:

FOX News reported:


A federal audit shows that nearly a half-billion dollars in government funds was spent on training workers for so-called “green jobs.” The only problem is that not enough positions in the growing industry exist.

The findings — released in a June report by the Government Accountability Office — showed that only 55 percent of those trained were able to place in a new job, many of which were not technically green jobs. The $501 million in funding came from the 2009 stimulus law. The report also uncovered that the Department of Labor created a framework that led grantees to broadly interpret the program’s definition to include any job “that could be linked, directly or indirectly, to a beneficial outcome” which led to the gap between training programs and available green industry jobs…

…“The GAO report is just more evidence that the administration has no clue what drives a successful economy and job growth,” said Paul Chesser, an associate fellow at the National Legal and Policy Center. “President Obama tried to build this economic sector, but the buyers didn’t come. And now after the initial flurry, the ‘green jobs’ are evaporating.”

“All along the administration has stretched descriptions to the extreme so they fit the “green job” categorization. Pour cement for a wind turbine? Green job! Pick up trash? Green job! Lay floors with ‘sustainable’ materials? Green job! Congratulations — you all get taxpayer subsidies for your work!”

And you wonder why the economy is in the shape it’s in?

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