Brrr… Unprecedented July Cold – Arctic Sees Shortest Summer on Record

arctic sea ice
The jet stream influences our weather across the globe, and conditions in the Arctic influence the jet stream. Image Credit:

Somebody tell Obama…
The Arctic this year experienced its shortest summer on record.
Climate Change reported:

Unprecedented July Cold – Arctic Sees Shortest Summer On Record

“Normally the high Arctic has about 90 days above freezing. This year there was less than half that,”  says Steven Goddard website.

Graph courtesy of COI | Centre for Ocean and Ice | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut
Thanks to F. Guimaraes for this link

“The Arctic ice extent is showing a remarkable recovery from the great oscillations of 2012,” says Guimaraes. “Compare with the previous years listed there, you’ll see that 2004 is the year that is closest to 2013 in terms of average temps during the summer.”

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