The Heart of Andrew Breitbart Lives On – Breitbart News Steps Up and Helps Out the Gateway Pundit in His Hour of Need


“Jim Hoft Is Our Hero” – Michael Flynn, Breitbart News

Wow!  Breitbart News writers are at Gateway Pundit!

From the outpouring of prayers and kind words this past week, we have discovered how loved Jim Hoft is.  He is, also, highly respected, and sorely missed in the Conservative community.  Jim’s absence has reminded us all of how important, influential, and ground breaking his work is.  One man keeping a news site running and thriving with almost 5 million readers each month – by himself – is truly astounding.  What is equally astounding, though, is that the quality of his accomplishments is wholly matched by the quality of who he is.


Among the many feeling Jim’s loss in the blogging world is Breitbart News.  Mike Flynn, the mover and shaker behind Andrew Breitbart’s Internet powerhouse, has brought his rockstar writers to Gateway Pundit while Jim recovers.

Launching their incredible offer was the statement, “Jim Hoft is our hero”.  Yes, he is.  A big thank you to Breitbart News for their generous and gracious offer to help a friend and colleague.  The current Gateway Pundit guest writers…Rachel Pulaski, Mara Zebest, Andrew Marcus, Ed, and James…have been doing an outstanding job, but it is a feat bigger than all of us to replace Jim while he heals.

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