Breaking: Obama Speaks On Syria, Seeks Congressional Approval to Slap Assad On The Wrist

cruise missileviagra

Cruise missiles…Viagra for impotent presidents.

Obama held a press conference on Syria today where he declared it “time to step up to the plate”.  He will seek Congressional approval to launch cruise missiles at Syria.

The War Powers Act requires Congressional approval for use of military force, and Obama campaigned on getting Congressional approval.  Since that time, he has managed to circumvent that approval when he launched airstrikes into Libya…and got an ambassador killed.  The cries of hypocrite were just too loud to ignore.


Now, the impotent president needs his Viagra cruise missiles and he’s angry Congress won’t let him have his little blue pills, as his presidential poll numbers go limp.  Now, Congress has to play urologist for the Patient-In-Chief.  His speech was a tantrum, because Congress won’t be back until September 9th to fill the prescription.

Presidential melodrama and impotence are not military strategies.

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