Black Teen Mobs Suspected in Series of Brutal New Haven Attacks

A black teen mob beat local businessman Brooks Macquarrie in New Haven last week.
They broke his ribs, his nose, his eye socket and then stole his motorbike.
tech beaten
The youths beat Brooks MacQuarrie bloody then ran off with his scooter. (New Haven Independent)

Macquarrie is recovering from the bloody beating.

PD: teens beat businessman, stole scooter

Police are probing a series of similar attacks in the area.
The New Haven Independent reported:

Police are investigating three possibly related attacks on people by teens on bikes in and around Edgewood Park.

The Independent reported Thursday on one such incident, which occurred around 5: 30 p.m. on Friday July 26 along the asphalt road that connects the park’s duck pond to the skateboard rink. A 63-year-old jogger was partway along that road when, he said, four teens on bikes rode passed. One turned around, rolled a bike at him to knock him over, then knocked him down again when he got up. The teens proceeded to punch and kick him, breaking an arm and cutting open his forehead, before fleeing. They didn’t seek to rob him.

On Friday, another Edgewood Park jogger related a similar incident to the Independent. Like the other jogger, he asked to remain anonymous.

This jogger had entered the park at Ella Grasso Boulevard and Chapel and started running down the hilly road toward the duck pond between 1:30 and 2 p.m. on Sunday, July 21, he said. He’s been running in the park for five years, he said; never before had he had a problem.

It was hot out; he had on shorts but no shirt. Four teens on bikes came zooming down the hill behind him, passing close to his body.

One of the teens held out his arm and struck the jogger on his neck. “I could tell from the way the kid hit me and looked at me, he expected me to go down,” the jogger said.

He didn’t fall. The kids rode ahead. The jogger kept running and came upon them under the bridge below Edgewood Avenue.

Three of the kids, whom he described as between 13 and 15 years old, moved behind him. “How’s your neck?” they taunted him. “What’s that on your neck?” They had beat-up bikes, he said; two of the bikes were girls’ bikes.

The kid who’d tried to “clothesline” him moments before stood in front of him. No one else was around. “He had jeans and a black shirt. He was heavyset. He could have had a weapon.” The jogger decided it wasn’t smart to confront the kids, so he turned around and jogged back toward the pond. More people were there. The kids rode off and didn’t bother him any more.

The jogger went home and called the cops.

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