Barack Obama Pre-Vacation Friday Press Conference

Barack Obama will reportedly answer questions on the phony scandals and announce new details for surveillance transparency today.
Then he’ll jet off to Martha’s Vineyard for another vacation.
obama biking

The Wall Street Journal reported:

President Barack Obama is set to announce new measures Friday to “increase transparency and restore public trust” in government surveillance programs, according to a House aide briefed on the plan.

The president is expected to disclose specifics at a press conference scheduled for 3 p.m. Eastern time.

The press conference, his first in months, comes amid a swirl of pressing issues, including the surveillance programs, new terrorism threats and the deeper chill in Russian relations. Mr. Obama leaves for vacation in Martha’s Vineyard later in the day.

Obama starts out be claiming he’s focused on the middle class… Which explains why his policies have destroyed the middle class.
It goes down hill from there.


Obama says the government cannot listen in on your calls “without first obtaining a warrant.”
This is not true according to a Democratic Congressman.

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