Another Day, Another Attack… Three Women Robbed By Black Mob in Chicago’s Lincoln Park Neighborhood

keith clough
Keith Clough was charged late Sunday night with one count of felony robbery.

Three Cincinnati women were robbed this weekend in Chicago by a group of black teens. The youths stole one phone from the women.
The Chicago Tribune reported:

Three Cincinnati women riding a rented bicycle on North Avenue Beach were confronted Saturday afternoon by a group of teens, one of whom is accused of stealing one woman’s iPhone, police said.

Keith B. Clough, 17, of the 9300 block of South Perry Avenue, was charged late Sunday night with one count of felony robbery, according to police.

A judge set bail at $60,000 today for Clough, according to the Cook County sheriff’s office. He is scheduled to appear in court next on Aug. 16, according to the sheriff’s office.

The women, 25, 26 and 27, were enjoying a “chariot” bicycle ride when a group of male and female teenagers jumped onto the bike and refused to get off, police said.

The teens began harassing the women and “took turns” jumping onto the chariot cycle, according to a police report. At one point, one of the teens molested one of the women, the report said.

Clough is accused of grabbing an iPhone 4 from the hand of one of the women and running away with it on a bike path toward the lake. That woman ran after him but could not catch up to him, the report said.

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