Young Commies Demand Corporations “Quit Stealing From Us” and Double the Pay (Video)

Union-Backed Protesters Causing Disruption Outside Fast Food Chains

Young communists for a $15 minimum wage rallied in cities across the country today.
The workers want the corporations to “quit stealing” from workers and double the pay.
Fast-food worker Shenita Simon, who brought a baby with her to the interview, told Neil Cavuto:

Shenita Simon: “Those that think we’re making so much money and if we follow a particular type of budget, I can’t afford to pay rent. I can’t afford to feed my children. I can’t even afford the healthcare for my husband. Things that you guys see as everyday life is luxury to me and it’s not fair… I say, why are you the companies, you the franchisees getting raises. You’re making billions and millions of dollars per year. Why can’t we barely survive? Why is it we who are employees, who work, who put in hard sweat, why can’t we survive? Why do we have to go hungry at night? Why can’t we pay rent? Eight dollars, seven twenty-five, seven fifty is not enough.

Neil Cavuto: Is it a fast-food company’s purpose and responsibility to meet pay, to keep up with the living standards of a given city? Is it really up to that organization?

Shenita Simon: It’s their responsibility. Because when they’re cutting our checks, not giving us lunch breaks, you’re not giving us benefits. When you’re doing illegal actions against us. Yes, it’s your responsibility. Because when we’re making the bare minimum, and you’re stealing from us. Of course, we can’t survive. So yes, I hold you accountable and you are responsible.

It’s obvious from the interview that Shenita is a community organizer and not a fast-food worker.
Obama would be proud.


If these young commies wanted corporations to pay for their healthcare they never would have voted for Obama.

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