White Atlanta Man Murdered After Black Mob Beats Him & Forces Him Into Path of Car (Video)

Joshua Heath Chellow was murdered this month when black gang members beat him and forced him into the path of an oncoming vehicle.
This story did not receive any national coverage.

The gang members beat him and left him in the street.

The Last Refuge reported:

Meet Joshua Heath Chellow, 36. Like many others, he assumed the early hours of July 1st were going to be another regular day filled with the normal day-to-day activities of life in middle class America – a day that included stopping for gas at a Marbleton, GA gas station in the suburbs of Atlanta.

Unfortunately for Joshua, filling up his tank meant he had to exit his vehicle. Joshua had the misfortune of the same condition that afflicted George Zimmerman that fateful and now infamous night of Feb 26th, 2012 – REWW. (*) Apparently that was sufficient enough for him to be “Trayvonned”.

The media is silent on what compelled the attackers, but what is known is that Joshua was set upon and mercilessly beaten in a life-threatening attack by a group of four “unarmed” black males. In a desperate attempt at self-preservation, Joshua began backing away from his attackers – stumbling onto the parkway in front of the gas station where he was run over by a passing car. The driver of the vehicle stopped, rendered aid and called 9-11 but Joshua died of his injuries.

Did any of you know about this attack? No. Because the media reported it as a “hit and run fatality” while deliberately refusing to discuss the events the preceded the fatal “hit and run”.

This is where you need to sit up and pay attention. In addition to deliberately suppressing the full, true story of what happened to Joshua, the corporate media made a deliberate and coordinated editorial effort to spin the story:

MABLETON, Ga. – Cobb County police hope to catch the hit-and-run driver who fatally struck 36-year-old Joshua Heath Chellew of Mableton as he walked along Mableton Parkway early Sunday.

The sanitization of this egregious racially motivated hate crime by the corporate media commenced almost immediately. The national media refused to even entertain discussion about the Scheme Team fallout from the “Justice for Trayvon” rhetoric.

Three of the four accused are 18 years of age – or in the venacular of John Guy, simply misguided youths a mere 24 mths past the tender age of 16.

Joshua Heath Chellew, 36, of Mableton was struck and killed after being attacked. (MyFOXAtlanta)

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