WAR ON WOMEN… 64 Arrested At Leftist Protest Against Safe Abortion Clinics

Today the North Carolina Republican Senate passed legislation that would increase safety standards on abortion clinics in the Tarheel state.

Democrats were outraged.
They like their substandard clinics.
hanger lesbians
North Carolina protesters believe with fewer abortion clinics they will be forced to perform hanger abortions.

After the vote today 64 far left activists were arrested for refused to leave the legislative chambers.

Reuters reported:

North Carolina’s “Moral Monday” protesters, now in their tenth week, objected to a bill that could limit abortion access – the latest move to counter a conservative shift by the state’s first Republican-led government in more than a century.

The rally at the state capitol in Raleigh on Monday night was one of the largest since the protests began this spring, drawing about 2,000 people, including 64 protesters who refused to leave the legislative chambers and were arrested…

…This week, the protest zeroed in on a bill passed last week by the North Carolina state Senate requiring abortion clinics to conform to the same safety standards as ambulatory surgery centers, a regulation currently met by only one of the state’s five clinics.

Opponents say it will limit access to safe abortions. Supporters of the measure say the higher standards will make abortion safer.

Governor Pat McCrory, a Republican, criticized senators for pushing the regulations through without a public hearing.

The state House of Representatives has scheduled a public hearing on the proposed regulations for Tuesday.

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