NBC’s Chuck Todd Admits Rush Limbaugh Is Correct – Immigration Will Likely Not Pass (Video)

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

The intended overriding message from Chuck Todd in NBC’s Meet The Press video clip (below) is to express the opinion that the White House doesn’t see a path to passing immigration (and Paul Ryan has ‘gone silent’).

This message is complete Kabuki theater. While we certainly hope the immigration bill fails, keep in mind that this is a typical pattern of how the Liberal media plays out the game:

First they put out the message that the bill looks like it is going dead in the water, thus giving a false illusion that conservatives are winning the game. The intended result of that false sense of security is to have all conservatives lose interest in keeping the pressure on Congress members. Meanwhile, the Marxist Liberals never stop putting the pressure on behind the scenes, and then conservatives are stunned when the bill is passed in the dark of the night.

Do not fall for this Kabuki theater trick. The more important take-away of this video clip is the fact that Chuck Todd is admitting that the Rush Limbaugh theorem is correct in that Obama maintains popularity by “appearing” to have nothing to do with “governing” – but rather always ‘appearing‘ to be campaigningagainst governing.”

Chuck Todd states the following (at around the 30 second marker):

“Or does he [Obama] make it worse. Ya know, how politic [cuts off thought]. One of the reasons he’s slowly gotten back into positive territory in his poll numbers is he’s not gotten involved in politics. This [immigration bill] is a step into politics.”

The Rush Limbaugh theorem is defined by Rush in this clip below:

A black Rush caller explains that he was a ‘Diehard Democrat’ but converted to conservatism once he was exposed to the Limbaugh Theorem. Thus another exposure to the validity of this theorem from the mouths of the Liberal media in the usual Sunday news blitz.

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