UNLIT CHOPPERS IN CHICAGO SKY – DOD Launches More Urban Assault Training Over Chi-town

Remember People: It’s Only a Drill
Govt Helos Over Tinley Park
Government helicopters train over Tinley Park during previous urban drills (Photo by Tinley Park resident)

They’re back. 
Last April, the DOD added a new city to its long and growing list of residents to victimize.  Using Chicago suburbs for its “urban assault training” ground, American citizens woke up alarmed and frightened, calling it “A War Zone”.  Last week, the Blackhawk helicopters were back.

NBC Chicago reported,


It’s only a drill, Chicago.

Reports of black military helicopters circling the Willis Tower and flying over Lake Michigan Monday night lit up local social media with theories and speculation.

Some thought it was part of “Transformers 4,” which begins filming in Chicago Aug. 18 through Sept. 27. Others wondered if it was a precaution for President Obama’s visit to Illinois on Wednesday.

The real reason? Chicago is hosting routine military, low-range helicopter training exercises through Thursday, according to the Office  of Emergency Management and Communications.

Cities across the nation are performing similar training exercises to ensure the military knows the proper protocol in urban areas, the OEMC said. Military service personnel are going through mandatory training to prepare for future overseas deployments.

The new normal is to think Hollywood is filming the next big budget, high action, urban assault movie over your home.  Have no fear.  It’s only your government.  The author of the NBC article minimized the “military training exercises” happening in our city streets and skies as just being “routine”.  Chicago residents are scolded with the implication they should chill out, because “it’s only a drill”.

In other words:  Support your overbearing tyrannical government, and be quiet.

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