UNREAL! Chicago Teachers Union Officials Travel to Honduras to Discuss “Revolution” With Former Tyrant

Honduran tyrant-wannabe Mel Zelaya was tossed from office after trying to usurp the constitution.

The Obama Administration knew that ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya was an anti-democratic anti-Semitic pig whose goal was to become ruler for life like his buddy Hugo Chavez. Team Obama decided to support Zelaya for the greater good of Latin American relations anyway. Obama even cut off aid to Honduras after Zelaya was legally removed from office. The country moved on without Zelaya.

zelaya chavez
Marxist pals and Latin American tyrants Raul Castro, Mel Zelaya, Hugo Chavez and Daniel Ortega.

Now this…
Chicago Teachers Union officials traveled to Honduras in June to discuss “revolution” with former ousted tyrant Mel Zelaya.
And Chicago workers paid for this.
EAG.News reported:

By the looks of things, Chicago’s education system must be in tip-top shape.

Why else would members of the Chicago Teachers Unions be jetting around the world and focusing on global issues rather than the academic issues facing their district?

For two weeks at the end of June, about 20 teachers and students traveled to Honduras to meet with their teachers union counterparts from that country, to learn about the “Honduran resistance movement,” and meet with the deposed former president, Mel Zelaya, according to an account posted on Honduras Resists.

The published account states members of the CTU met with Zelaya to exchange ideas “about the struggle for a world where human lives have more value than private profit.”

Is the CTU planning to bring a Central American style revolution to the U.S.?

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