Ugh: George W. Bush Urges House Republicans to Pass Immigration

immigrants protest

After years of being the Democratic punching bag George W. Bush finally spoke out this week… To urge Republicans to pass an immigration bill.
The AP reported:

House Republicans on Wednesday confronted the politically volatile issue of immigration, their ranks divided and their way forward unclear even as national GOP leaders pressured them to act.

The latest prominent Republican to wade into the debate was former President George W. Bush, who urged Congress to reach a “positive resolution” on overhauling U.S. immigration laws, a goal that eluded him during his presidency. His comments suggested a need for Republicans to deal with immigration in a broad way, though he avoided specifics during brief remarks at a naturalization ceremony at his presidential library in Dallas, and he didn’t directly endorse a comprehensive Senate-approved plan.

“We can uphold our tradition of assimilating immigrants and honoring our heritage of our nation built on the rule of law. But we have a problem. The laws governing the immigration system aren’t working; the system is broken,” Bush said.

At the White House, President Barack Obama met with members of the all-Democratic Congressional Hispanic Caucus, as the fate of one of his top second-term priorities rested in the hands of the restive House GOP.

Would someone please explain why it is so important to pass legislation that will give Democrats at least 8 million new voters?

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