Tweet Of The Day: If I Had A Race-Baiting President… He Would Look Like This

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

The best photo tweet of the day from EricaRN4USA (iowntheworld):


Also, a good compliment video in which this guy (ReviewManify) gets it right. Hat Tip iowntheworld.

The video description: Going to Jail for Trayvon (Race Riots):

Talk of Rodney King like riots to happen all across the country if Zimmerman is not convicted of murder….. the media is playing you.

Remember this… Trayvon Martin supporters ransack Walgreens – surveillance video

Additionally Holder’s peeps—the New Black Panthers Party—are on the move to promote riots and unrest while speaking out of both sides of their mouths. WashingtonTimes reports the following:

New Black Panther Party members are prepping for rallies and gatherings in the wake of the George Zimmerman murder trial, but are coy on whether violence, riots and other chaotic outbursts are potential — or welcome — offshoots of those events.

On the one hand, NBPP members promise on their Twitter site that they will not engage in any sort of unlawful outbursts if the second-degree murder trial in Florida ends in a not-guilty verdict.

The pertinent tweet: “All over the nation in case Zimmerman is exonerated … we will engage in no unlawful activity.”

But on the other hand, the group’s Twitter site is alive and kicking with fresh updates about a planned Sept. 7 rally to show solidarity with 17-year-old shooting victim Trayvon Martin — complete with admissions: “We can’t and WON’T try to control the general dissatisfied population. For sure we are ORGANIZING.”

That tweet included a photo of a flier for the NBPP’s Millions for Trayvon youth march, set for early September at the Adam Clayton Powell Jr. State Office Building in New York.

And at least one member of the NBPP has headed down to the Florida site of Mr. Zimmerman’s trial — to do what, isn’t specified. […]

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