THOUSANDS of Protesters March for Democracy in Hong Kong (Video)

TENS OF THOUSANDS of Hong Kong protesters took to the streets on Monday demanding their Beijing-backed leader’s resignation and calling for democratic changes.
The protesters want the Beijing-backed leader to resign.
hong kong protest 3
Thousands marched in the rain for denounce the city’s leaders and demand universal suffrage. (J. Hoft Photo)

The protest was expected to attract more than 400,000 people.

J. Hoft video

Tropical storm Rumbia did not prevent thousands of protesters from turning out for the march.
Deutsche Welle reported:


Tens of thousands of protesters have marched in Hong Kong through typhoon rains in support of universal suffrage. The march marks the 16th anniversary of the city’s return to mainland China’s rule.

Drenched by rains from Tropical Storm Rumbia, protesters marched in Hong Kong Monday to demand that China live up to its promise to allow fully democratic elections in the semi-autonomous territory by 2017.

There has been mounting discontent directed at China’s communist government amid concerns that Beijing may somehow try to rig the poll to screen out opposition candidates.

Protesters marched and chanted carrying British colonial Hong Kong flags and pro-democracy banners. The procession, which is organized annually by the Civil Human Rights Front, has come on the heels of a survey published by Hong Kong University, which found that only 33 percent of Hong Kong residents took pride in being a Chinese national – the lowest level since 1998.

hong kong rally 2
Another photo of today’s protest in Hong Kong.

(FYI: My twin brother Joe took these photos and video today from Hong Kong where he works.)

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