Texas House Approves Bill to End Late Term Abortion – Democrats Hail Satan

By: Rachel Pulaski


Texas pro-life advocates and supporters cheered Tuesday as Texas HB 2, which would end late term abortion in the state, was approved by the Texas House.  During the long HB 2 debate in the Texas House, pro-abortion activists have threatened legislators and their children with rape, tweeted death threats to the Lt. Governor in Texas and chanted “f- the church” outside the Texas capitol.  Pro-abortion advocate, Texas state Rep. Senfronia Thompson (D) and also a former public school teacher (surprise, surprise), even made the ridiculous argument that pro-life men were “taught how to potty” by women.  TPM reported:

“We were these men’s first teachers. We taught them how to put their pants on, how to tie their shoes, how to potty,” Thompson said. “And all of a sudden when we get to be adults, then we become senile to the extent that we don’t know what is good for ourselves, we cannot make decisions for ourselves, like we can’t think ourselves out of a paper bag. And we can.”

Despite the small outcry from baby killers there is a much larger group that supports Texas HB 2 because of the chance to save the lives of innocent children. The bill to ban abortion after 20 weeks in Texas will save at least one baby a day. According to an Abortion Surveillance report published in 2012, 465 babies were aborted in Texas after 21 weeks.   Governor Rick Perry intends to push HB 2 through the Republican controlled Legislature in a second special session.  It looks as though the Democrats have little chance to vote this bill down.  Their final hope is to file a federal lawsuit to block it once it becomes law.


Meanwhile, Texas Democratic pro-abortion supporters were praising Satan.

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