SMACKDOWN… Pamela Geller SLAMS Jihadi Apologist Michael Ghouse For Slander on National TV (Video)

Pamela Geller was at her best tonight on Hannity. First Pamela explained the Obama Administration’s shameful record of supporting the Muslim Brotherhood and Mohammad Morsi regime in Egypt.

Then Pamela went on and demanded that Michael Ghouse apologize to her on national TV for accusing her of instigating a deadly subway attack. Last week on The O’Reilly Factor Ghouse blamed Pamela Geller for the death of a person who was killed by a deranged woman in the New York subway system. This was despite the fact that Geller’s ads were not even up in the subway when the murder Ghouse is referring to happened.

Tonight Pamela Geller demanded an apology on national television.
Michael Ghouse refused her request.
Pamela proceeded to tear him apart.

From the video: Sparks Fly in this one as Pamela Geller addresses the current situation in Egypt with Mike Ghouse on the Hannity Show. Geller demands an apology from Ghouse regarding previous false accusations with signage incident in NY Subway.

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