HORROR! Egyptian Islamists Caught on Tape Beating Terrified Child (Shock Video)

Egyptian Islamists were caught on tape beating a young Egyptian boy in Cairo’s Ramses Square.
The radicals accused the boy of being with the Morsi opposition.

Al-Arabiya reported on the beating:

A video posted on the internet Tuesday showing what appeared to be supporters of ousted Egyptian president Mohammad Mursi beating child at Cairo’s Ramses Square has gone viral.

Thousands of Islamists poured into the square after breaking their Ramadan fast on Monday seeking to organize a sit-in there, threatening to paralyze traffic in one of the busiest parts of Cairo.

Their move prompted police intervention and violent clashes throughout the night. During the clashes a boy showed up to the scene and the angry Islamists grabbed him with one of them asking him: “Who sent you here?;” “Who are you?;” “Are you with Mursi?;” and “Who are you with?.”

The horrified-looking boy was then beaten on the back of his head and then he was slapped.

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