Rachel Jeantel: “I Am Educated. Trust Me. I Have a 3.0. I’m Good” …(But Can’t Read Her Own Letters)

Rachel Jeantel defended her testimony this week during an interview with a local news outlet. Jeantel says her “tonsils” make her talk funny. She insisted that she is well educated,
“I am educated. Trust me, I have a 3.0 I’m good.”

But… Jeantel cannot read her own letters.

CBS Local reported:


Rachel Jeantel opens up about her friendship with Trayvon Martin, calling him a good and true friend.

How she spoke was part of the reason for the firestorm of criticism she received about her testimony. Her attitude toward Defense Attorney Don West contributed as well.

“I was attacked,” she explained. “I knew I was going to be attacked, but I didn’t know it was going to be that much of an attack!”

Jeantel says those caustic interactions with West were, to a degree, sparked by his repeated requests for her to speak louder.

“Don West knows why I cannot speak up. He knows why, and I had told him when we did the interview at first,” said Jeantel. “I told him I have a voice problem. They say it’s my tonsils acting up.”

But after praying about it, she faced West and the jury anyway because her friendship with Trayvon meant too much to her to do otherwise.

“Trayvon’s situation, I’ve learned something from that, live your life to the fullest ‘cuz you don’t ever know what will happen.”

What’s next for Rachel Jeantel?

“My education is first. I am educated. Trust me, I have a 3.0 I’m good. I need to get my life straight because this situation got a whole lot of things in my mind so I want to clear it up.”

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