Zimmerman Supporters Chant “Go Home Racists!” at New Black Panther Protesters in Houston (Video)

Pro-Zimmerman protesters confronted a New Black Panther march in support of Trayvon Martin today in Houston.
The Pro-Zimmerman protesters chanted, “Go home racists!” at the pro-Trayvon marchers.
split acquit
“If the head is split you must acquit.” (NewsOne)

The pro-Zimmerman protesters also chanted, “Go get a job!”

The Trayvon Martin protest was organized by Quanell X who is the Houston leader of the New Black Panthers.
Chron.com reported:

The demonstration for Martin came to a climax when the dueling protests met at the corner of Shepherd and Gray. Police crowded the street between both groups as each side erupted in shouts with signs waving and hands in the air.

Some of the roughly 80 counter-protesters, who largely felt justice was served in the Zimmerman ruling, chanted, “Go home racists!”

Aaron Schutte heard one group say they would cross the street to stand face to face with the other protesters.

“Don’t do that, man,” Schutte said. The men crossed anyway, walking and yelling on the south sidewalk as protesters organized by Quanell X marched west on the north side.

Schutte encouraged everyone else to stay, saying the march would loop back again. Many simply left, with about 20 protesters and dozens of police remaining.

Along with four others, Schutte organized the protest on Facebook, saying he wanted everyone to peacefully, but vocally, anchor the corner of West Gray and Shepherd to counter a march led by Quanell X that would pass twice.

“We wanted to be heard, but not be confrontational,” Schutte said, who explained that his motivation for standing hours in Sunday’s heat was to oppose the “racism of the New Black Panther Party.”

Here’s another photo from the rally.
rally sign bo
Reader Elise, who was in Houston, sent this in.

cops houston horses
Here’s another photo from Elise of the police down at the New Black Panther Trayvon rally.

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