Potential Challengers Step Up – Will Face RINO Lindsey Graham in GOP Primary

A group of South Carolina conservatives launched a new SuperPAC – www.DefeatLindseyGraham.org – recently pledging to oust controversial Republican Lindsey Graham from office.
Here’s a look at the group’s first video:


Here’s the latest…
Several potential challengers are stepping up to face notorious RINO Lindsey Graham.
Breitbart reported:

Senator Lindsey Graham, who already has one announced challenger in the 2014 South Carolina Republican primary for the United States Senate in businessman Richard Cash, may soon face two more challengers.

Both State Senator Lee Bright and Nancy Mace, the first female graduate of the Citadel, are preparing to enter the race soon, according to The Daily Beast.

Graham’s allies recently publicly stated they expect he will face multiple challengers. On July 23, former South Carolina Republican Party Chairman Katon Dawson, who runs a Super PAC that supports Graham, the West Main Street Values Fund, told the Washington Examiner that Graham “will face a ‘spirited’ and ‘competitive’ primary challenge.”

Dawson, however, expects Graham to prevail. “Senator Graham has been one of the most successful politicians at the ballot box and has cut the hide of a South Florida alligator when it comes to campaigns and elections,” he said.

In addition to friendly Super PACs and a strong network of supporters in the South Carolina Republican establishment at the state and county levels, the Graham campaign has $6.3 million cash on hand. In contrast, Richard Cash, his only announced opponent, had only $248,396 in cash on hand as of June 30, according to Federal Election Commission records.

Tea Party groups across the state unanimously oppose Graham. They view him as a RINO who does not support the constitutionally limited government values of the movement. However, to date they have not coalesced around a single challenger.

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