Police Arrest Black Youths in Brutal Baltimore Beating (Video)

Another brutal gang beating…
Last Sunday a Baltimore waiter was walking home from work when four youths jumped him, beat him, kicked him and broke his jaw.
The man was leaving work when he was jumped by a mob of black youths in ‘Little Italy.’

He escaped the beating when he ran into a local wine bar.

Four of the alleged attackers have now been captured and charged.
little-italy beating


Three of the attackers were minors but will be charged as adults.
CBS Local reported:

A man is brutally attacked by a group of teens in Little Italy. Police say four of the attackers are in custody. Three of them are juveniles.

The victim was walking home from work when he was attacked near Bank and Exeter Streets. Police say the brutality of the crime is why three juveniles arrested are being charged as adults.

A brutal attack in the heart of Little Italy. Police say a man walking home from work at an area restaurant is attacked and severely beaten near Bank and Exeter Streets by a mob of at least ten teens.

Four of the alleged attackers, three of them minors, have been arrested and charged.

While the suspects took the man’s phone, Blattermann says that’s not what they were after.

“They beat this boy. He got up, he’d run, they beat him. He got up, he’d run, they beat him. He got up, he’d run, they beat him,” said Blattermann.

The suspects range in age from 16 to 19, but police say because of the brutality of the crime, the minors aren’t being charged lightly.

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