Perfect! Rachel Jeantel Says She’ll Accept Radio DJ Job

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Trayvon Martin key witness, illiterate teen Rachel Jeantel, says she may be getting into radio.
She might do great – as long as she doesn’t have to read anything.

CBS Local reported:

The teenager that was the last to speak with Trayvon Martin has announced she will move forward with an opportunity presented to her by national radio DJ Tom Joyner.

Jeantel, a South Florida high school student and friend of Trayvon Martin who was the last person to speak with Martin, was ostracized by the court of public opinion, her character attacked along with her appearance.

The teen, who was thrown into the spotlight then berated for her speech, mannerisms and “lack of education” delivered the news to CBS4′s Summer Knowles when she called to speak with Jeantel while she was being interviewed on the WHQT-FM/HOT 105 afternoon drive with Rick Party.

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