Morsi Supporters Rally in Egypt After Friday Prayers

Thousands of Muslim Brotherhood supporters rallied today across Egypt after Friday prayers.

The Health Ministry said 52 people have died since the unrest began.

Former president Morsi is under house arrest since Wednesday.
The BBC reported:


Supporters of Egypt’s ousted president are gathering for protests in the capital to demand his reinstatement.

The army, which removed Mr Morsi and detained him in response to widespread unrest, has said it will allowed peaceful protests.

Adly Mahmud Mansour, the top judge of the constitutional court, is now Egypt’s interim leader and has promised that elections will take place soon.

The African Union has announced it will suspend Egypt from all activities.

Admore Kambudzi, secretary of the body’s Peace and Security Council, said the move was being taken in line with AU policy “until the restoration of constitutional order”.

The removal of Mr Morsi by the army followed days of mass protests, largely organised by the Tamarod [Rebel] movement.

The protesters accused Mr Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood – the Islamist group of which he is a member – of pursuing an Islamist agenda against the wishes of the majority, and of failing to tackle economic problems.

Mr Morsi, Egypt’s first freely elected leader, is in detention, as are senior figures in the Brotherhood. Arrests warrants have been issued for some 300 others.

Meanwhile… Islamist gunmen opened fire on the El Arish airport in Egypt’s troubled Sinai Peninsula and at three military checkpoints early on Friday.

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