Minister in Morsi’s Government Filmed Beating 11 Year-Old Child at Rally (Video)

Minister in Morsi’s Government Filmed Beating Young Boy during Cairo Muslim Brotherhood Demo

Egyptian Al-Tahrir TV interviewed 11 year-old boy Ahmad Osama Sayyed after he was beaten at a pro-Morsi rally this month.
Via MEMRI and Al-Tahrir TV (Egypt):

Transcript via MEMRI:

Ahmad Osama Sayyed: I was walking along and saw demonstrations. People were fighting, and there were fires. I said to them: “Shame on you. you’re destroying the country. To hell with Morsi.”

Interviewer: That’s what you said?

Ahmad Osama Sayyed: Yes. One of them chased me and gave me a kick. They started slapping me. I tried to run, but I fell to the ground. One of them punched me, and another kicked me in the side.

Interviewer: After they beat you up, what happened?

Ahmad Osama Sayyed: One of them took me away, and then another one came. He pinned me to the wall, and they started beating and kicking me again.

Interviewer: I was told that you fainted or lost consciousness.

Ahmad Osama Sayyed: Yes. One of them asked me if I had been hired by the Interior Ministry. I said: “No, I’m from another neighborhood.” They kept on beating me, again and again. That’s it.


Interviewer: You said that you could identify some of your attackers, and that you had seen one of them on TV beforehand.

Ahmad Osama Sayyed: That’s right.

Interviewer: Who was he? The minister of investment?

Ahmad Osama Sayyed: Yes, Yahya Hamid.

Interviewer: He was one of your attackers?

Ahmad Osama Sayyed: Yes.

The beating was filmed at a Morsi rally earlier this month.

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