May Unemployment Rate Unchanged at 7.6% – Underemployment Rate Explodes from 13.8% to 14.3%

The unemployment rate for June stayed at 7.6% despite expectations of a drop to 7.5% . The real action was in the underemployment rate which exploded from 13.8% to 14.3% .

underemployment under obama
The underemployment rate under Obama remains at record levels. In June underemployment soared from 13.8% to 14.3% . (Zero Hedge)

The June unemployment rate remained unchanged.
Market Watch reported:


The United States gained 195,000 new jobs in June and employment gains in the prior two months were stronger than originally reported, indicating little slowdown in the pace of hiring during the spring and early summer.

The economy created an average of 196,000 jobs a month in the April-to-June period, down just slightly from the 207,000 pace in the first quarter. The rate of job creation appears to have held up better than expected given a slowdown in the U.S. economy and even weaker conditions around the globe.

Economists polled by MarketWatch had expected the U.S. to add 155,000 net jobs, adjusted for seasonal variations.

The Labor Department also revised employment figures for May and April to show 70,000 more jobs than previously estimated. The number of new jobs created in May was revised up 195,000 from 175,000 and April’s increase was raised to 199,000 from 149,000.

Barack Obama is the worst US jobs president since the Great Depression.

More… Youth Unemployment Rate at 16.1% in June.

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