Mark Levin: Obama Has Been FDR, Lincoln, Reagan… Now He’s Trayvon Martin

obama trayvon

Conservative author and radio host Mark Levin went off on Barack Obama for stoking racial tensions in our country today. Levin said,

“Obama had been Franklin Roosevelt. He’s been Abraham Lincoln. He’s been Ronald Reagan. And now he’s been Trayvon Martin. But he’s none of them.”

The Daily Caller reported:

“We’re talking about a trial that took place — nobody denies that due process occurred. I have said it was a kangaroo court, but due process in the sense that the outcome — nobody denies that the outcome was the result of some kind of manipulation of the court system. The jury found Zimmerman not guilty. That’s the end of it. For the president of the United States to get behind the microphone almost a week later, almost a week later to stoke what he believes, what he hopes — I’m saying the truth — will be fires, emotional, to pile on with [Al] Sharpton, pile on with all of them, is outrageous. Out of one side of his mouth for 90 percent of his talk, he’s going on and on about this. And out of the other side of his mouth, he’s talking about, you know, ‘We made great progress.’ We haven’t made any great progress during this administration. What progress have we made under this administration? In fact we’re regressing under this administration. The black community is suffering more than it suffered under George W. Bush given the economic situation…

…“This wasn’t about Barack Obama. This was a trial in a courtroom in Florida. And now all weekend long the question is going to be, ‘What did you think about what Obama said? It was good. It was bad.’ So suddenly it’s about Obama. Obama had been Franklin Roosevelt. He’s been Abraham Lincoln. He’s been Ronald Reagan. And now he’s been Trayvon Martin. But he’s none of them. He didn’t live like Trayvon Martin, nor is he any of those three presidents. This president could have been a great president — policies aside — by his temperament, by what he said, by his respect for the American people. This president could have been a man that could have been admired. Instead, he is what he is.”

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