Far Left Activists Greet Pope Francis in Brazil With SlutWalk & Kiss-In Protests

kiss in
Pope Francis was greeted in Brazil with leftist activists and a gay kiss-in. (OnTopMag)

Feminist and gay rights protesters are planning to stage protests during Pope Francis’ stay in Rio de Janeiro.
LifeSiteNews reported:

Gay rights and feminist groups are planning to stage protests during Pope Francis’ stay in Rio de Janeiro for World Youth Day.

The pope has already been subjected to a homosexual “kiss-in” along the papal motorcade route on Monday when he arrived in Rio. Video clips from the protest on July 22 showed lip-locked demonstrators, some of them topless, while others waved rainbow flags, according to a U.S.News report.

Various media reports say that a gay rights group is planning another “beijaco” or kiss-in during a speech Pope Francis will give on Copacabana beach on July 25. The group is protesting against the Catholic Church’s stance on homosexuality and gay “marriage.”

Meanwhile, a group of Brazilian feminists, the Brazilian Women Association, is planning a “SlutWalk” to be staged on Copacabana beach on July 27, to protest sexual violence against women and “control of female sexuality.”

“We’ve decided to organize SlutWalk during the Pope’s visit to establish a political counterpoint,” Rogeria Peixinho, an activist with the campaign, told the Mexican newspaper Milenio. “We want to show that there’s another youth and another way of thinking that is against oppression and the control of female sexuality.”

Peixinho said that SlutWalk participants will march in suggestive “nun outfits” or other lewd clothing at the venue to also protest the Church’s position against abortion.

“I’ve used nun costumes for at least three years. We will question the sexual violence that women suffer who also are nuns. Many women become pregnant within the convents and often are forced to have an abortion,” she claimed.

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