Human Rights Activist Imram Firasat Releases His “Innocense of Islamic Jihad” Movie for Independence Day

Earlier this year anti-Islamist Imran Firasat was charged with hate crimes in Spain for producing a movie on Islam’s prophet Muhammad’s life. Islamists demanded he be deported over the YouTube movie on Muhammad. But according to Firasat’s attorney Sam Nunberg, “the Spanish Government has not cited once instance where Imran’s video has caused a national security disturbance or a single complaint.”

imran firasat

In May Imram Firasat was acquitted of hate crimes by the public prosecutor and a Spanish judge.

This Independence Day Imram Firasat released his anti-Muslim movie “Innocence of Islamic Jihad.”
Here is the trailer.

Imram continues to speak the truth despite the threats against him.

The Legal Project, an activity of Dr. Daniel Pipes’ Middle East Forum, is representing Imran Firasat in his appeal against in the Spanish High Court against the revocation of his asylum status. Sam Nunberg, Director of The Legal Project, says that the release of the video at this point is critical for the future of Freedom of Expression being protected in the West.

“The Innocence of Jihad will be released during Imran’s trial. This is the first time a defendant in a European hate speech case has continued to educate the public while being prosecuted. Under the threat of deportation as well as violence from Spanish Islamists, Imran is standing strong against the threat of Jihad. This case really ups the ante to defend the right in the West to freely speak out against the Islamist threat.”

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