Huma Abedin Faces Backlash For Standing By Weiner

Huma Abdedin – The face of the modern Democratic Woman
Dependent, Gullible, Power-Hungry, Abused
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ERECTION UPDATE: Weiner now blames ‘rough time’ in marriage…
Pressure mounts to pull out…
Huma following Clinton plan…

Huma faces backlash for standing by lying penis-tweeting husband.
CBS Local reported:


Anthony Weiner’s wife, Huma Abedin, has been hit with a widespread backlash after standing by her husband as he admitted to another sexting scandal.

Back in 2011 when a heckled, harried Weiner resigned from Congress and apologized for the explicit text messages that had destroyed his career, his then-pregnant wife was notably absent.

But when the latest sexting allegations against Weiner surfaced Tuesday, Abedin was right there at his side.

“I love him, I have forgiven him, I believe in him,” and the sexting matter is “between us,” she said, a message that could prove important to shaping voters’ views as they digest his latest admission.

With a spread in People Magazine last summer, it seemed like the couple was campaigning to show that Weiner had been rehabilitated, CBS 2′s Tony Aiello reported. Since then, Abedin has played a large and visible role in Weiner’s mayoral campaign.

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