Houston Man Provides High-Crime Neighborhoods With Free Pump Action Shotguns (Video)

God Bless America.
After a violent break-in last year in Oak Forest, resident Kyle Coplen, founder of the Armed Citizen Project, is giving away free pump action shotguns to anyone who wants one.

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Coplen started up his program after WWII veteran Elbert Wood’s home was vandalized by hoodlums in January.
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My FOX Houston reported, via The Right Scoop:


One Houston man is so fed up with the bad guys bullying and victimizing innocent people he decided to what he calls “even the playing field.” He’s giving away free guns to entire neighborhoods.

“Put the safety off. My finger is not on the trigger. That’s how you unload the gun,” Sara Dimitt demonstrates with her new 20-gauge shotgun. It’s a not so small gift given to Dimitt by a guy she just recently met.

“We give brand new pump action shotguns, 12 gauge or 20 gauge,” explains founder of the Armed Citizen Project Kyle Coplen. In fact, Coplen is offering free shotguns to every homeowner in the Oak Forest neighborhood in Northwest Houston. “The area we’re doing has about 400 homes in it. There was 107 home invasions last year,” explains Coplen.

Coplen came up with the Armed Citizen Project in January after he was disgusted by one of those break-ins, when World War Two veteran Elbert Wood had his house broken into.

“It’s really upsetting because your home is your castle. It’s where you should feel safe,” says Coplen.

Coplen started spreading the word, accepting donations and putting shotguns into the hands of every resident in Oak Forest who wants one.

elbert home
93 year-old Elbert Wood’s home was vandalized in January while he was at the doctor’s office.

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